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Sri Lanka is one of the best wildlife watching destinations in the world. The objective of this book is to enable wildlife enthusiasts to plan a holiday which makes the best use of their time in line with their particular interests. Foreign visitors as well as residents, will the suggested wildlife itineraries and the recommended reading useful. Sri Lanka can claim to be one of the world’s best nature destinations. A broad range of factors influence this judgment. Some of the key factors are the island’s bio-diversity, the availability of field guide type literature, the presence of specialist guides and specialist tour operators, a mature tourism industry with a broad range of accommodation and other facilities for tourists and a good network of roads and reserves. Ethical travelers will also find Sri Lanka Tourism environmentally conscious and the destination as a whole committed to be carbon neutral.

wildlife news and articles sri lanka

News and Articles

To help you read and post the latest wildlife news and articles of interest to you.

National Parks in Sri Lanka

National parks are allowed for public to see & study wildlife. There are 26 National Parks declared in Sri Lanka.

Forest Reserve Sri Lanka

There are two World Heritage Natural Properties in Sri Lanka managed by the Forest Department and used for research, education, and recreation.
elephant orphanage sri lanka

Elephant Orphanage

Two elephant orphanages in Sri Lanka witch is Pinnawala and Udawalawe.

DWC / Forest Bungalows

Department of Wildlife conservation Bungalow in side the National park & Forest Department maintains lodging facilities within the reaches of the forest while several privately.

Zoological Gardens

National Zoological Gardens and other wildlife parks in Sri Lanka.
botanical garden sri lanka

Botanical Garden

National Botanical Gardens has become an attractive place among local and foreign visitors

The Marine Life

Sri Lanka is a place where some of the biggest group of sea creatures.

Butterflies of Sri Lanka

Butterflies 247 species found in Sri Lanka and 26 are endemic.

Reptiles of Sri Lanka

210 species of reptiles found in Sri Lanka. 76 are endemic.

Birds of Sri Lanka

456 species of Birds found in Sri Lanka. 33 species are endemic, 240 are breeding residents and 216 are migrants.

Mammals of Sri Lanka

94 species of mammals found in Sri Lanka. 21 species are endemic.
Water Falls in Sri Lanka

Water Falls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has more than 300 beautiful waterfalls.
beaches in sri lanka

Beaches of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island with 1340 km of coastline found in the deep blue waters of the Indian ocean.

Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photographers profiles
wildlife hotels and bungalows

Hotels and Bungalows

Private Wildlife hotels and bungalows