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New safety rules as whale, dolphin watching season begins in Kalpitiya

With the Kalpitiya whale watching season beginning, the Department of Wildlife Conservation is planning to bring in a new set of rules to ensure a safe and fun experience for visitors.

The season officially begins in November and continues until April.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation will be issuing tickets to both foreign and local visitors. Tickets will be priced at Rs. 20 per local adult and Rs. 10 per local child. Adult foreigners and children will be charged US$ 10 USD and US $ 8 respectively.

The department has also brought in a regulation where the 80 boat owners involved in organising whale- watching tours have to be registered with the department
Assistant Regional Protection Officer for the Department, N.C Dissanayake said, “In addition the boat’s navigators too will have to obtain basic training in swimming, handling emergency situations and have proper first aid training.

He said three offices will be set up in Kalpitiya, Illanthadiya and Kandakuliyawhere officials will be advising visitors on the standard protocols such as maintaining a 50-metre distance when watching dolphins and a 100-metre distance when observing whales,” he said.


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